5 years to a site-almanac MyTashkent.uz

Information field of Uznet is grows. Open many sites on interests and specializations. It’s very difficultly to bloggers find the information niche, the visitors who would become interested in blogs and were raised by their ratings.

Therefore it is pleasant, when some blogs have a high rating and cause genuine interest in visitors. It means that they have found the information niche, the place in Uznet. For example:  www.MyTashkent.uz. The design of a site is executed in soft light tones. The site maintenance involves visitors of all age categories. Everyone can find the publication on the taste.It is not ignored also a heading ecology. For today, on a site www. MyTashkent.uz it is published 59 articles devoted to questions of preservation of the environment not only a city of Tashkent, but also of Republic as a whole. Pleases also that fact, that in this heading many qualitative photos of the unique nature of Tashkent.The author of a blog - Evgeniy Semenovich Skljarevsky - not only has found the information niche which is interesting to everything, but also constantly updates it, searches for the information which will interest all.Five years a blog www. MyTashkent.uz uses the deserved popularity among its visitors and their number grows from day to day. It means that a blog successful, the theme is actual and called-for.

The creative collective of Ecological publishing house «CHINOR ENK» congratulates you on a five years' anniversary of blog MyTashkent.uz