Institute of Nuclear Physics received vehicles from USA ambassador

In energetics and industry, in transport and constructions, in biology and medicine there are thousands of radioactive aggregates, the use of which demand strict and qualified control over the radiation level. That’s why availability of special equipment for researches and observations is very important. It is necessary to make analysis of soil, food, constructional and other materials due to know whether they content the radioactive substances or not.

Creation of terrestrial, water, space aggregates, providing ecologically safe and economically advantageous use of nuclear and fusion energy is a sphere of specialists working in that branch of scientific activity. In Uzbekistan there is a big scientific center that provides researches in fundamental and applied nuclear physics, radiation physics of solid body, scientific instrumentation etc. This center is Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

It was established in 1956 and today it is one of the biggest scientific centers in Uzbekistan. It is integrated into international scientific community and participates in researches of nuclear physics and elementary particles, radiation physics, nuclear methods to analyze elementary structure of substance, nuclear and radiation safety and so on.

 On 11 of July 2012 ambassador of the United States of America George Croll presented two vehicles to the Institute of Nuclear Physics. These vehicles, Mitsubishi L200, will be exploited to service radiation portal monitors installed at the 33 of the Uzbekistan border checkpoints.

“The vehicles will help us to service radiation portal monitors. Very often we have to go to the border checkpoints and manage repair works, then take our heavy equipment and apparatus back. We appreciate this gift very much”, - director of Institute of Nuclear Physics, Umar Salihbaev. {jcomments on}