Innovations for the good of Uzbek citizens

Yesterday, on 24th of July, Communication and Information Agency and UZINFOCOM presented their project “Development of interactive services”. The goal of the project is creation and informational support of the single housing and communal services’ website. Nowadays, the website is located at The resource offers a solution for one of the social type problems which is forming of the single database that would operate with communal and social services data. This portal will represent a shared communicational infrastructure of public utilities and as well ease communication between people and local governmental organs (Mahalla), public utilities. The activity of the portal will cause a notable increase in efficiency of the public utilities.

The realization of the portal is supposed to ease the work for public utilities workers by means of ergonomic data search, comfortable storing and sending of information. Citizens will have an option to check their payment history and debts.

At the moment grants an access to the databases of postal facilities, clinics, banks and police stations. Each database is connected to the others and gives information under the necessary and convenient angle of view.

Every subscriber of the communal services will have a secured access to the databases, which will be realized by the integration with a single authorization system – ID.UZ. Users will enter their personal cabinets with the help of ID card and then they can send their electronic request (application, suggestion, complaint).
ID card represents a plastic card with user’s photo and personal data, identification number, QR and bar codes. Every individual, once registered in the ID system, can get a hold of ID card. The ID card is unique because it can be received only in UZINFOCOM office and only after a passport check. That grants credibility of the data provided on registration.

In the nearest time, ID card proposes such services:
-    Access to the services of the National Library
-    Access to the payment history for telephone service, internet connection and public utilities
-    An ability to trace parcels
-    An ability to use an ID card for payments in shops and restaurants

One of the biggest interactive projects in the field of informatization is This project provides users with a widget system that lets to combine various information in one place, from news to the electricity bills. Today there are already 200 widgets and there’s a way to make your own with the help of special application. {jcomments on}