Participation of the ANIDI specialists in the fifth session of the joint task force on the ecological showing

The fifth session of the Joint Task Force on the ecological showing, organized by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), took place in Geneva (Switzerland) from 4 to 6 of July. Joint Task Force was established in 2009. Joint task force works on the problem of improving the process of gathering of ecological showing in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and providing the commonness of ecological data and statics in the region of UNECE.

At the working session the Guide for application of ecological indicators of atmosphere, the use water and biodiversity was brought to the attention of the participants. Experts from the international organizations and specialists from EECCA countries were invited to join the working session in order to share their knowledge and experience. K.Saidova, employee of the ANIDI organization and chief of the soil pollution department, participated in the working session.
According to agenda, participants of the working session discussed indicators included into the Guide for application of ecological factors. In process of the discussion the participants stated the need to improve some of the definitions and terms.

Discussion was concentrated on the questions of the use of ecological classifications, methods of data gathering and procedures of the development of indicators. Assessment of the indicators was based on the messages of Joint Task Force members, in accordance to the experience that the countries gained in the field of developing indicators.

It was stated that methodological differences require an additional research in order to provide comparability of the data and to create a more effective base for the decisions in the sphere of environmental protection.

Joint Task Force decided to set six indicators on agenda of the next working session: air temperature, atmospheric precipitations, quality of potable water, final energy consumption, total energy consumption, vehicles and the fuel, additional indicators of the agriculture.

Expected result of the Joint Task Force activities is further strengthening of the countries’ potential in the sphere of development of ecological indicators.

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