A famous ecologist passed away

On 3rd of July as a result of serious illness a famous ecologist Victor Lim passed away. He was a chief for the reserves and national parks department, doctor of biological sciences, member of the Special Council of Institute of gene pool of plants and animals AS RU, chairman of the “Environmental protection” section of Korean Scientific-technical Society of Uzbekistan “Tinbo” (Progress).

Victor Lim was born in 1933. He graduated from Nugus Pedagogical Institute. He was the first director of “Badai-Tugai” reserve which was opened in 1971. In 1976 Victor Lim began his work on acclimatization of Bactrian deer in “Badai-Tugai” reserve. This work became an example of successful restoration of population of the species that are extinct in wild life. WWF International Commission stated “unbelievable increase of the Bactrian deer population at the territory of reserve”.

A lot of ecological TV films were done with his active participation like “Life of tugai forest”, “On the trail of markhor”, “Four seasons in Nurat reserve”, “Three destinies”.

Victor Lim published more than 100 of scientific and popular articles, monographs “Environmental protection in Uzbekistan”, “Bactrian deer in Uzbekistan”, brochures “To the 35 anniversary of Badai-Tugai reserve”, “To the 80 anniversary of Zaaminsk mountain reserve”. He was one of the authors and initiators of the release of reference book “Reserves and national parks of Uzbekistan”. The last book by the hand of Victor Lim, “Living treasures of Uzbekistan reserves”, is being prepared for publishing.
Victor Lim received five governmental awards for his services in the field of environmental protection.

We will remember Victor Lim as a dear and noble man, a true scientist. {jcomments on}