Tashkent entered the best cities list

Analytical company Economist Intelligence Unit and research center BuzzData composited a new rating for the best cities of the world. According to that rating, Tashkent boasts 58th position of total 140 and is the only city located in Central Asia to enter the list. One year ago Tashkent was four positions up. The top ten cities in the list are Sydney, Amsterdam, Osaka, Paris, Honk-Kong, Stockholm, Berlin, Toronto, Munich and Tokio.

Washington is the second among North-American cities and boats 14th position in the list. Tegeran, Nairobi and Lusaka appeared to be the most uncomfortable cities for a living. Creating this list, the company used various indicators such as population per km, air quality, quality of communication, pollution, state of environment, distance to other cities, cultural value and many others.

Source: www.news.mail.ru