Hokimiyat's Informational Services

Social and economic reforms in Uzbekistan managed to increase the importance of information in public life. Development level of informational space begins to influence economics, ecology and social activity.  Informational link between government and citizens is very important for the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan.
This point is emphasized in article 30 of Constitution of Uzbekistan. According to the article, bureaucracy must provide citizens with any info on documents and other materials that touch citizen’s personal interests.
One of the directions of UNDP Project “Support of local self-government system: citizen participation and partnership”, which is realized in Jizak and Namangan regions of Uzbekistan, is supply of the local citizens with info on the activities of local governmental structures.
On 2 of August a press-conference on topic “Pilot model for Informational services of hokimiyats: openness of the local governmental structures and access of citizens to the information” was held in Tashkent.  The goal of press-conference was to inform wide public on the topic of pilot model for IS of hokimiyats, realized by UNDP Project “Support of local self-government system: citizen participation and partnership” in cooperation with Cabinet of Ministers in Jizak and Namangan regions.
In order to make hokimiyats transparent, open and accessible UNDP Projects created 6 informational services (1 of region level, 1 of city level and 1 of district level). Official opening ceremony was held in December of 2011.  
Main goals of hokimiyat’s informational services are: participation in forming and realization of informational policy; informational supply of hokimiyat by means of gathering and processing the data; cooperation with national and foreign media; monitoring of media; analysis of public opinion on hokimiyat’s activity; forming of the positive public opinion on the activity of hokimiyat; impartial coverage of social-economical and political reforms in regions.
Reports by chief of the UNDP Project Dilshod Isroilov, chiefs of the Jizak and Namangan hokimiyats Dilmurod Abdurahimov and Farhod Mamadaliev were performed at press-conference.
“This event demonstrated to public the possibilities that informational services have in creation of efficient mechanisms of interaction between governmental structures and media, non-governmental organizations and as well in implementation of mutual trust between population and local hokimiyats, - noted the chief of UNDP Project D.Isroilov. -  In the first six months informational services organized 165 conferences, briefings and other hokimiyat events with the participation of Jizak and Namangan hokims, 155 TV shows, 50 video clips, 230 articles in print media and more than 400 in web. In the second half-year it is planned to operate inter-regional presentations in order to create alike informational services in other regions of the country”. {jcomments on}