Solid platform for uzbek-german relations

Twenty years has passed since the day of establishing diplomatic relations between Germany and Uzbekistan. During these years countries strengthened their links in all the sectors of economy. Today we can observe great results of this cooperation. Germany is an important economic partner of our country. Economic links grow stronger as well as investment climate gets warmer and attracts German business pretty much. Business-forum “Day of German economy” is one of the bright examples for such cooperation.
Such forums always were an important event for our country because they give a possibility for our foreign guests to examine investment climate and even find a long-term partners among local companies.  Activity of more than twenty German companies was presented at forum and exhibition of German goods was organized. The companies presented at forum were Wirtgen Group, BASF, Siemens, Anton Ohlert, Guhring and many more.
Siemens got into the field of’ interest - one of the company activities are energetics. Siemens’ office operates in our country since 1995 and supplies our industry, railroad complex, medicine sector. Their biggest clients are “Uzbekenergo”, “Ahangarcement”, Navoi mining and smelting complex, Bekabad smelting plant. Further plans of the company are to act in oil and gas sector of Uzbekistan, to participate in tenders for supplies of medical equipment. 
Forum “Day of German economy” was organized in connection with the visit of business delegation from Baden-Vurtemberg (Germany). Members of the delegation were chiefs and representatives of companies operating in the spheres of logistics, banking, producing of office furniture, metal carcasses for summer pastures and spares for solar battery panels.
All foreign representatives agreed that Uzbekistan is a country with vast economic potential which is not executed in its full force by anyone. Some problems were also mentioned like currency exchange and customs procedure. {jcomments on}