The hunting season will opens on August, 15th

The state committee of Republic of Uzbekistan on nature management, the Tashkent regional committee on nature management and Republican society of hunters and fishers «Uzbekohotribolovsoyuz» in connection with the beginning of a season of hunting since August, 15th and with a view of maintenance of conformity of the given season to terms and rules of carrying out of hunting and fishery have held a meeting behind a round table.

In its work have taken part Hokimiyat workers, Central administrative board of internal affairs of the Tashkent area, the Center of Gossanepidnadzor, the Society of hunters and fishers of the Tashkent area, inspectors of Gosbiokontrol, and representatives of mass media.
As participants of the Round table have noted, the main objective of carrying out of a meeting is- to present for citizens of Republic of Uzbekistan and the foreign citizens (who have paid a State Tax, and also brought a payment for getting of animals), the information about accepted on republic territory last years legislative documents and the certificates, concerning rules of hunting and fishery in the territory of our country.
Really, in republic for last years are accepted about 30 laws and more than 300 bylaw certificates in sphere of preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources that testifies to the importance of the given question. Including in 1997 the Republic of Uzbekistan Law has been passed «about protection and fauna use» which has defined an order and rules of rational use of fauna in our country.
According to rules were defined terms of sports, amateur and trade hunting and fishery. At the same time, is disable hunting for the forbidden kinds of animals brought in the Red book of Republic of Uzbekistan is: the Cat Manul, marbled polecat, the Red marmot, a Saiga, all kinds of the carnivore birds, all kinds of owl's, cranes, tarrocks, seagulls, herons of all kinds, etc.
Also is forbidden hunting closer than 1 km from cities and settlements of city type, closer than 300 m from other settlements, closer than 150 m from roads with bus service.
There is a number of interdictions, such, as hunting without corresponding documents, including proving the identity, permissions to hunting, and also necessary documents on storage and weapon carrying, with the blank or delayed documents, permissions. Getting of wild animals with application of the disable ways of hunting is forbidden: advancing guns, bows, crossbows, the device of hunting holes, application of explosive, chemical and biological substances, an electric current, with firing of vegetation, etc. R.Ibragimov.

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