The Ozone Layer in Illustrations and Posters

  These days the major chords of the ecological Marathon ‘” sounded. Events were diversified and rich in content. They were intended for broad audience with different tastes and needs and also with different level of perception of information. The ozone layer became the hero of these days. Newspapers, radio and TV spoke much about its protective qualities, the problem of its depletion and the measures for protection and conservation of the protective cover of the Earth. If it has not been for the visual support in the form of posters, the festival would not have been so informative and convincing. ‘Depletion of the Ozone Layer will Turn the Earth into a Dead Zone’ – such address to the spectators of one of the posters causes the feeling of anxiety, but at the same time makes people think about fragile balance on our green planet that is preserved owing to the protective qualities of the ozone layer.
    ‘Let us Preserve the Ozone Layer’ – we read this slogan in the next poster. Azure sky, recognizable urban and picturesque natural landscapes, all spheres of the life, penetrating two covers of the Earth, stretch far into space. The protective qualities of the ozone layer are visually depicted very well in this poster. Fiery shaft of light rushes at the Earth at the Earth and  disperses because of the protective ozone layer.
    The next poster wins due to colour contrast and attracts looks. The red and burning aggressive Sun and the blue and fragile Earth as the opposition to it. The Sun blinds the Earth like search- light, but the ‘ozone umbrella’ stands in fiery rays’ way. The ozone barrier is thin and weightless but vitally important.
   This visual production was prepared by the Ecological Publishing Company ‘Chinor ENK’ at the order of the Ozone Office in Uzbekistan and timed for the celebration of the World Day of the Ozone Layer Protection.      
   We shall be glad, if our production serves to the conservation of the ozone layer, healthy environment and inhabitants of the Earth. You can load all posters HERE.

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